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The fact that there has been an increase in the number of jobs in recent years is nothing new. This year even the strongest increase in jobs since 2008 was measured. This also increases the competition among organizations to attract and retain the right talent.

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In the third quarter of 2017, the number of jobs even increased by 51,000. The tension on the labor market is constantly increasing. There is increasing competition between organizations and therefore more important than ever as an organization to think and work on your Employer Branding. After all, you want to be seen as an attractive employer in the market during these times. How do you deal with this as an organization?

Employer Branding
In the Benelux only 12% of employees think that the Employer Branding matches the reality on the shop floor, according to research by PR and communication advisory firm Weber Shandwick. Remember, your own employees are the biggest ambassadors of your organization! Strengthening the employer brand ensures that the staff are proud and motivated to work for your organization and to speak about it openly. In addition, you can not come up with an Employer Brand, this is something you are an organization, propagate and where you have to make. Of course you can decide where you want to go, but also implement this: ‘practice what you preach’. Working on your Employer Branding does not only help you to fill your current vacancies (short term), but also to reduce the time-to-hire for future vacancies (long term).

Recruitment Marketing
In order to bring your current vacancies to the attention of active job seekers or latent job seekers, placing your vacancy on job boards or the social media channels of the organization is not enough. Each function has a different target group and moves differently. You need a tailor-made approach for each vacancy. With the help of (big data) analysis and experience, we determine at vacancy level to what extent every resource will have to be used to achieve the best result. We look at four platforms: job boards & postings, SEO / SEA & aggregators, social & talent sourcing.

In short, Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding are two different strategies but still closely linked. As long as your Employer Branding is not good, your Recruitment Marketing activities will most likely be less successful, but the same applies the other way around. Always ensure the right mix!

Curious how Yoores Recruitment Solutions can assist your organization in Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding? Feel free to contact us!

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