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Within Recruitment we are dealing with a changeable market.

Recruitment Marketing craze or trend
Demand for and supply of work is changing almost daily, but the available tools to bring supply and demand together are also constantly changing. It is difficult for HR / Recruiters to monitor which Recruitment tools contribute optimally to the recruitment and which tools are not worth the investment. The importance of Marketing, under the name Recruitment Marketing, also increases in the recruitment process more often and in various forms. Hence the question that every Recruiter must ask himself: is Recruitment Marketing a stable trend or a craze that we have forgotten within a year?

What is Recruitment Marketing?
To begin; What exactly is Recruitment Marketing? We see different meanings for Recruitment Marketing in the terminology. We define Recruitment Marketing as the use of social media, aggregators, job boards and sourcing to optimize the inflow of (good) candidates. An organization can take this on its own, or outsource it to a specialist to save time and money. Every Recruitment Marketing provider offers this in a different way. Many parties focus on one of the four platforms, for example social or sourcing, to contribute to the recruitment for a vacancy. A single party, such as Yoores, offers all four platforms in one package, so that organizations are assured that budgets are used optimally and that no conflicts of interest take place. To organizations the choice what works for them: do it yourself, outsource it to several parties, or outsource it to one party that takes care of the entire process.

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